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MG42 parts kit question
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Posted in MG42, MG3, M53
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Joined: April 10 2017
Posts: 6
Posted: April 12 2017 at 8:51am | IP Logged Quote brandong91

Hi, forgive me if this is not allowed but I have a question on the MG42 parts kit. I am fairly new to building 80 percent receivers (I am experienced in welding/machining) and I am starting to order a bunch of different parts kits. I stumbled upon a Nazi stamped MG42 with a saw cut receiver, the kit looked to be in overall good shape. It is listed on gunbroker. The starting bid was like $450 or so and I placed a max bid of $1000. I quickly got out bid and it is up to like $1100. How much does this parts kit usually go for these days? I've never really kept my eye out for parts kits prices but I seem to recall a few years ago you could order a mg42 kit from the shotgun news for like 600-800.

I've read about the mg42 80 percent receivers and to me it looks like a complicated build, no I was not going to start on it just yet if I was to get it, I was wanting to have a couple of easier builds under my belt first. And again forgive me if this is not allowed in this topic, I am new to this wonderful site. Thanks, Brandon

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Moderator Group

Joined: April 13 2007
Location: United States
Posts: 3457
Posted: April 12 2017 at 6:30pm | IP Logged Quote bikergunnut

MOST kits are Yugo M53. A German kit with an old saw cut complete receiver will get a pretty good premium. If you add up what you need added to a recent import it's not too bad in comparison. Rear receiver section barrel jacket repair piece,and barrel is a chunk of change anymore. An older Yugo kit with a barrel is a better starting option.

80% receivers depend on how you want to build, either FAL or AR fire control group. A lot of people bitched how hard Wiselite's receiver was because they were made to work with both and you had to make it work. I don't know anything about the ones that are "clamshell" you need to weld together.

Here is a pretty good deal

https://mg34.com/product/m-53-mg-42-spare-parts-set-excellen t-condition/?removed_item=1


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Joined: June 10 2008
Posts: 1
Posted: April 19 2017 at 4:17pm | IP Logged Quote Tom5390

What a lot of builders don't realize is you can at this time make your own 'saw cut' M53 only much cheaper. Find a M53 Apex or Centerfire kit with a decent shroud (most now are).

Square up the front bushing torch cut, (1) install a RTG MG3 bushing (easy), square up the rear cut of the shroud, (2) install a set of Global Machine receiver shells (again easy), cut off the rear of the GM receiver, square off an RTG MG3 rear receiver buffer stub (3)...and there you have it...a 3 'saw cut' build. Keep it straight, keep it to correct length and you have a saw cut easy re-weld.
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Joined: April 30 2017
Location: United States
Posts: 3
Posted: May 03 2017 at 6:54pm | IP Logged Quote Ty.gunsmith

I ordered my receiver from BRP and all I had to do was rivet in the rails, rivet and weld the buffer tabs, and mill in the changing handle rails. After that it was just a mater of welding the bushing in the shroud and welding the shroud to the receiver making sure the length is correct.
the only build I did before the M53 was an uzi so it really is pretty simple. Definitely take notes from the guys on MG42.us they have a lot of good info with pictures and blueprints.
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