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H Pieper falling block shotgun
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Joined: January 10 2013
Location: United States
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Posted: March 19 2017 at 11:42am | IP Logged Quote micheal

H Pieper had in excess of 60 Belgium patents none of which do I have access to. So I'm in pursuit of guesses to a guess. Seems Pieper produced a falling block S/S shotgun. All I'm able to find are photos of the gun with parts of the action exposed. This is the guess: It is not a fallingblock action but a rolling block action turned upside diown. The lever replaces the thumb knob of a regular rolling block and opens the action and goes on to cock the gun. If I'm right it looks to be a very sturdy and simple to reproduced in suitable caliber as the parts are quite stout. So guesses please; educated or not. thanks micheal
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