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1907 type sling Sportsmansguide review
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Joined: March 01 2008
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Posted: December 03 2010 at 11:01pm | IP Logged Quote midmichigun

This is a follow up to my other 1907 type sling purchase. The first was from Turner. You can read about it here:

http://weaponeer.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=14316&PN= 1

This new purchase was from the Sportsmansguide. They advertised a 1907 type sling for sale, with brass fittings. Whereas the Turner sling was with Parked metal and therefore appropriate for mid WWII type rifles, a brass fitting version would be more appropriate for WWI era (and perhaps older) rifles up to early WWII. Since Turner didn't have the brass version listed, I purchased the SG version for "grins and giggles".


The official description is: Modeled in every detail to resemble the sling used with Springfield® and M1 Garand rifles up to the early part of WWII. 1 1/4" natural-finish genuine leather with real brass hardware.
Cost: $19.97

So what do you get for $19.97? Lets find out!

First off, lets look at the markings. They put on a WWII date! I don't know if there was a vendor who used these markings, so I don't know how authentic this actually is:

Let compare some of the stitching. Now remember, I don't have an original version handy. However, I will compare it against the Turner:

Turner (top), SG (bottom).

The surface area of the Turner (top) is MUCH larger than the SG (bottom). The thread is also much heavier. Notice the hole placements?

Lets look at the keepers:

Notice how the Turner (left) is abruptly ended, whereas the SG (right) transitions. I don't know what is historically correct, so I can't judge on accuracy.

Turner (left) vs. SG (right). Notice what I had mentioned about the transition. The SG is nice and smooth. However, also notice that the Turner is much thicker!
If you watch the hole patterns as I go along, you will notice that the SG sling has larger holes. I don't think this means anything, just an observation.
Lets look at the clasps next. Remember the SG is brass vs. the parked Turner:

There is an angle difference there. However, when I attach each to the holes in the leather, they both ride well as intended. Since I don't have an original, I can't offer who is more correct on angles.

Each clasp is solidly riveted in place. I don't see it ever coming apart. One thing I did notice, is that the brass is a little warped from the forming process. This isn't a big issue, since brass does this when formed. It is hardly noticeable on less you are looking for it.

I did notice also that the SG was a tad wider than the Turner. It appeared to be around an 1/8in or so wider. If anything this will help distribute the load better.

The leather on SG 1907 sling is ok. I can't really tell a difference in "suppleness" on either of the slings. I am sure that a little saddle soap or oil on them will definitely make them soft.

So is it worth $20.00 +S&H? Well, the color isn't as attractive as the Turner. I can also say that the stitching isn't as heavy.
Will it function as intended (as a rifle sling)? The answer is YES!

Is it historically accurate? To be honest, I don't know. In its defense I would say that it isn't priced to be such a creature. However, they claim that it is a replica.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Now if I had a lot more money to spend, I would certainly invest in the Turner. However, most people probably wouldn't notice the "little things" that I see on the SG version.

If you want an affordable entry level 1907 type sling to dress up a rifle, its a good buy. If you want a Cadillac, this isn't it.

If anyone has a REAL brass type 1907 sling, I would enjoy being able to compare this version, to it!
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