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Review of Chaos Extended Saiga 12 Rail
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Posted: September 07 2010 at 2:23pm | IP Logged Quote weaponeer

As many people here know, I own a Saiga 12 (S12) Russian Semi-Auto Shotgun based on the AK. I purchased the S12 a few years ago, and right after buying it I signed up for the Outbreak: Omega Zombie Shoot sponsored by DPMS.

Right away I noticed things that needed to be corrected and/or upgraded with the S12, and the first thing I ordered was a cheap SVD butt stock.  I looked around for a good quality forearm to replace the original and I found one, but it was only a very minor improvement. I also ordered a drum (20 round) and a few Magazines, and I replaced the original gas plug with a new one that allowed the ability for the S12 to shoot low brass (low power bird shot).

At the last minute I added a scope mount to the built in rail and added a Burris red dot.

While I would have rather had time to install a typical pistol grip and stock, I just didnít have the time to do it before the event.

At the shoot my S12 performed far better than I ever thought it would, in fact it was the first time really using the S12 on real targets and I was surprised how well everything pulled together and greatly improved the S12ís performance.

After spending most of the day knocking down targets with ease with the S12 and the Burris sight I knew the combination was perfect.  The stock worked out just fine; in fact it was better than fine, very stable, and it made hitting the targets easy.  It didnít have the cool factor that the AK style grip and stock had, but for performance it worked great.

The forearm, well that was another story. It had a small rail at the bottom, but it was very short, and only at the front of the forearm for use with a bipod. Well, a bipod for a shotgun is pretty much a waste, and what I needed was a forward grip. Due to an old hand injury I have a hard time gripping a wide forearm, and even a pump shotgun will make me lose my grip under recoil. I only missed a few targets at the shoot, but I needed to adapt the shotgun to me, and my needs, so I started looking around and the only thing I could find were three rail forearms that looked great and would solve the problem, but the price was in the several hundred range (normally well above $200 and some above $300).

Well Iím not going to pay that amount for a shotgun rail.  Sure, a quality rifle rail can cost that to make, and the shotgun rail is double the size, so it was understandable, But the only thing I'll spend more for than the cost of the weapon is a scope, and in this case I didnít need to do that. So time went on and I just about gave up hope of finding a good forearm with a rail for my S12 until I found http://www.chaosus.com .

Itís actually kind of funny because I was looking for other S12 parts and information when I found Chaos, and I looked at the rail and it was BY FAR the BEST looking S12 rail I had ever seen. And rather than being just a 3 rail this was the Chaos Extended Quad Rail with MIL-STD-1913 rails made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy and extending over 13" in length and with a hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 and a total weight of 17 oz.

Now this is a MANS rail. Itís hard to imagine how heavy this rail was prior to the CNC work, but with a 1 lb 1 oz final weight it had to be substantial. And the overall design of the rail is incredible. In fact itís so low, so long (like expensive AR extended rails) and so big (remember itís a 12 ga) that I didnít even bother looking at the price at all. I know I could not afford such quality, and this rail was light years better than the others I had seen on the market and they were out of my price range.

The next day I was researching muzzle brakes and somehow I ended back on http://www.chaosus.com looking at a picture of the Chaos Warthog Door Breacher Brake rather than a rifle brake, and once again I was impressed. It was VERY heavy Duty looking, and much better quality than the one I had mounted on mine. I looked down at the price and I could not believe how cheap they were selling for.  Well you can see just how big they are and the quality from the review I had done recently done. 

Incredible quality and right now on sale for $50 !!!! If you need a brake for your S12 that is the one to get.

Well, because I had looked at the price of the brake, and clicked on the products page so I could find the Chaos Extended Rail System (CERS) again to check the price and I nearly feel out of my chair.  The Quad rail system is UNDER $100, and thatís giving them away.

So, I received my Warthog brake and my Rail in the mail and frankly this product looks even better in person than it does on the website, and the quality is top notch.

Now one comment about the installation of the rail is that it sits so low that you need to remove the rear sight blade on the S12. Normally thatís not a big deal, because you can just drift the old sight from the dovetail in minutes, but in the case of the S12, you need to cut the old sight out.  They drift the sight in when itís hot, so the sight will not move to adjust or to remove. So itís best to just cut it out. Now keep in mind that the original sight holds no value, itís one of the worst sights I have ever seen, and itís one of the worst features of the S12, so removal is an upgrade to the S12. I have an article on how to cut the sight out, so I will not bore you with the details here. Once removed the lower forearm is ultra easy to put I place and secure and once tight, you can then drop the top rail in place to line it up. There is not much play at all here, it really is well made. Once you have the bolts in place and tight youíre done. 

The end result is a VERY sturdy rail, and it makes the S12 look like it means business, and you half expect to see something like this in a terminator movie.

I was able to clip my LaRue Modular QD Forward Grip right onto the rail, so it really is MilSpec, and with the Forearm and the forward grip in place my S12 finally had the feel I was looking for.

Now the 12 Ga is nearly the perfect home defense weapon, and with the rails on the S12 you have the option of using the rails to mount lights, lasers, and anything else you wish (the better idea is sharing the accessories with another weapon so you get even more use out of them. A good flashlight costs FAR more than the cost of this rail and Brake together, so why not move the flashlight from your rifle to your S12 while you are not at the range so you have the perfect CQB weapon for close range work.

Back to the rail

The rail is vented so it adds additional cooling to the shotgun. Shotguns have rather thin barrels and they warm up fast, so this rail will help keep things cool. The rail has been super solid, and I REALLY LIKE this rail. In fact I could not come up with a single bad point about it.  I mounted my Burris fast fire sight to the rail and it was MUCH closer to the bore, and as such I no longer had to hold my head high to see through the mount. In fact I no longer needed the mount, so now I have my Night Vision scope mounted to it so I can use it on my AKís.

Then http://www.chaosus.com did it to me again and built special low profile HK style sights (front and rear) for that rail (using taped holes) that are only .56 off the top of the sight plane, so they are very low profile. So I now have those HK style sights mounted, as well as my Burris fast fire, and come to find out they provide a good co-witness, so you can use the iron sites and the dot at the same time.

The rear sight is adjustable for Windage, and the diopter (aperture sight) works just like the original HK units, but these turn MUCH easier. These are new made sights and not converted sights and the sights should work just fine on the S12. I have not had a chance to shoot mine since adding the HK style sights so I cannot provide any performance details and advice as to which aperture setting works best. But itís a shotgun, and they typically donít need to much for sights for birdshot, and while the S12 shoots slugs just fine itís not a rifled barrel, so you will need to try several styles of slugs to find one that shoots best in your S12, and then use the Sights to get the most out of it.  Chaos also sells a rail with the sights pre-mounted as well as other quality products.

If you have a Saiga 12 shotgun and want the best forearm on the market, as well as one of the most affordable forearms buy the Chaos Extended Rail System (CERS) and you will love it. I love mine and at $99.95 for a Rock solid quad rail that normally sells for $189.95, youíre getting one hell of a deal.

Weaponeer.net does not sell Chaos products, and there is no special code to use to get the special $99.95 price. Just go directly to http://www.chaosus.com and purchase direct.  Maybe Iíll see a few more Tactical S12ís at the next Outbreak: Omega shoot, at the range, or even on YouTube. Show off your Rail and cause a little Chaos.

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