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Review of the Never Quit Grip
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Posted: August 21 2010 at 8:24pm | IP Logged Quote weaponeer

Never Quit Grip is not what you normally think about when you think of a grip.  Normally you think about the pistol grip, and also the forward grip, but a grip for the magazine well on an AR/M15 series rifle?  

We itís not as strange as it might sound. Normally you grip the forearm or the forward grip of the rifle and for typical shooting that works just fine, but for CQB, close in fast moving targets, or hunting zombies loose in your house, gripping the rifle from the mag well gives you quicker reaction time when maneuvering the weapon in confined spaces.

The point of a Mag well grip is to give you the muscle memory to grasp the rifle correctly, and provide a far more ergonomic grip and comfortable (and non-slip) surface, rather than to keep your hand on the magazine well as well as the magazine itself which can result of feed related malfunctions.

I have been using the Never Quit Grip for a while now on my 6.5 Grendel and I have to say I really like it and would not go back. Itís easy to mount by releasing the trigger guard for the winter configuration and sliding on the grip. Now I have the contoured trigger guards, and they no longer have the flip down ability of the original, so I had to press a pin out, and then back in to install mine, but it still took just 2 minutes.

The grips weight is approx 1 oz and is made of polymer known as SantopreneTM and is oil and UV coated resistant, and has a rubber type feel to it. Not too hard, not too soft, just the right amount of give and grip.

Not only does it fit the AR15/M16/M4 series rifles, but it also fits the Barret 468 and H&K 416.

I have found the grip very comfortable to use, and in my case I have one other side benefit in that the SN of the weapon is covered by the grip, and when you take as many photos of you  weapons as I do itís nice to not have to edit the photos later for SN. The grip is easy to use, feels good in the hand and is an improvement to the stock mag well, and keeps your hand off the magazine. I have a hand disability and this grip feels a LOT better to me, and I just plain like the looks of it.

It gives the rifle an all new look, better feel, and itís easy on the pocket for an affordable AR upgrade.

The Never Quit Grip is a great addition to your Rifle and they can be purchased in the following colors:


You can purchase the grip directly from Sixell Innovations LLC, and they have fantastic customer service and offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all of their products, and in addition to that, the grip is NTOA Tested and Recommended.

The Never Quit Grip is also weaponeer tested and approved.


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