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Review of the Multitasker Gen 2
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Posted: August 20 2010 at 1:53pm | IP Logged Quote weaponeer

As I have stated in past reviews, Multitasker Tools LLC is known for making innovative tools, and in June I did a review of the Multitasker TUBE, and in July I reviewed the Multitasker Ultralight and this month Iím reviewing the Multitasker Gen 2

Like the Multitasker Ultralight and its little brother the "Tube", the Multitasker tool adds even more AR-Specific tool capabilities (but but like the rest of the product line it works just fine on most other weapons as well). The tool is shipped is a small cardboard box with the features written on it, and when you open the box you are presented with a very well made MOLLE compatible black nylon pouch.

The pouch padded, very well made, with button closure. Once again I received a Multitasker tool in a pouch that had no flaws. When you pull the snap and open the pouch and look inside you see the Multitasker tool, and the drive bit carrier in a small elastic pouch behind it.

The Multitasker Gen 2 is an AR specific Multi-Tool for field repair and adjustment of the AR/M16 Series Weapons the grips of the tool are black non-slip G10 with a texture they call Maxgrip scales. Itís the same material they use on the Multitasker Ultralight.

G10 is a special fiberglass epoxy laminate that has extremely high strength and is used in marine applications due to its superior strength, moisture resistance, and excellent electrical and fire insulation. This stuff is so tough they use it for non-corrosive backing plates for high load deck hardware or for bonding to engine room bulkheads to hold mounting brackets.

  • FR-4 Grade fire resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Rated to 285 F continuous operating temperature, will not melt at high heat
  • Resists chemicals
  • High impact strength
  • High tensile strength
  • High dielectric strength
  • High flex strength and dimensional stability

The rugged and compact Multitasker Gen 2 contains an incredible array of tools to service your weapon as well as many popular add-on accessories. At 4" long when folded it fits in pocket, or the included nylon belt pouch with ease always at the ready.

This tool contains a castle nut wrench for collapsible carbine stocks, magnetic bit driver system with  a 4-prong A2 style front sight adjustment tool in place (and 10 bits in a carrier), 3/8" box wrench for accessory mounts from LaRue Tactical and others, angled carbon scraper with radiused tip, file with chisel-tip carbon scraper, 440C stainless Tanto-style blade with liner lock safety, extended-length needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, all made of hardened, tool-grade stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant, matte black hard coat finish for exceptional strength.

The 440c 2.5 inch knife blade is exceptionally sharp, and the pointÖ.  Well I tested that by touching it so you donít have too and itís &^%^ sharp as well. The original Tanto blades were designed primarily as a stabbing weapon, but the edge can be used for slashing as well and this tool delivers on that original blade idea exceptionally well.

The Castle Nut is a welcome tool, and while in military service the castle nut does not come loose very often, (they are typically staked). , but commercial stocks are a hit and miss, with some being staked and others not, and if you installed the stock yourself, well, you know if youíre going to need this tool more often than not.

If the Castle nut does loosen up, you will notice a loose stock. If unattended and the receiver extension rotates too far, the buffer retaining detent will be released into the bolt carrier, and can lock up the weapon.  Now with this tool you can keep your weapon operating even if the stock gets loose in the field.

The front sight adjustment tool on the Multitasker Gen 2 tool is built for the standard 4 prong A2 Sight, and also on common Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) on the market, but does not fit the A1 front sights. (The A1 front sights are round; while the A2 front sights is Square for crisper defined edges. If your rifle has an A1 front sight post, just buy the A2 front sight post. Itís a worthwhile upgrade).

You also have the option of removing the front sight tool bit and inserting any one of the 10 included driver bits for a range  tasks 2 slot-head, 1 Phillips, and 5 hex-head bit tips, plus T10 and T15 Torxģ head bits and with no bit installed itís a ľ inch driver. Even the end of the tool bit extension is threaded for future expansion.  And to show how well thought out the tool is, the drive bit extension is long enough to reach the standard length grip screws.

The file is fairly aggressive and would remove any burrs or sharp edges in should order if the need were to arise. And the Chisel-tip carbon scraper (based on the traditional Chinese bamboo ear-wax pickers) works exceptionally well at reaching the carbon in the bolt carrier, and removing carbon from the bolt itself including the bolt tail. The tip design work very well for this task and I can see why the idea was repurposed.  I used this tool to help clean several handguns and the carbon scraper worked well to get into the spots you normally cannot reach very well.

The 3/8 box wrench is used to tight and loosen LaRue QD scope mount arms, and other common attachments.

The dental pick is a small tool thatís been used by armorers and soldiers for decades to get at and clean small areas, and the tool actually works great to remove the cotter pin holding in the firing pin. This is a threaded on tool, and it can be removed, and you can use any Otis cleaning kit tool with the Multitasker Gen 2. So you can unthread the dental pick, and thread on one for the Otis cleaning brushes, so now you have a REAL handle for the Otis cleaning kit.

If you donít have an Otis cleaning kit, and you own an AR or AK, you really should try one. I have a number of cleaning rods etc, and I now use just Otis. But letís say you donít have the money for a full on $40 Otis Sniper Cleaning System and Pouch, just go to Brownells and buy the Otis 200 Micro Cleaning Kit (668-000-060) for $12.00 and you will have all you need to clean rifles .22 through .30 caliber (AR15 though AR10)

The pliers are CNC machined from solid BILLET tool steel, not some cheap investment casting, so you are getting a true high quality tool that will last a lifetime with proper care, and they included wire cutters and is a tool you can use for everyday tasks.

Bottom line is this is a well made tool, built to last, and will help keep your weapon clean and in good working order. I like the fact that this is designed for the weapon, because itís all I need at the range rather than a full tool box. As an armorer I would have loved to have this tool, but Iím glad I have it now and feel itís very well worth it.  I highly recommend the Multitasker Gen 2 and I think you will like it too. Itís a well rounded tool for the soldier and trip to the range.

Speaking of soldiers the Multitasker Gen 2 was designed from input by troops in combat areas and Multitasker Tools LLC is a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/


You can purchase these tools from Brownells and other locations that carry quality tools and gun accessories.

Multitasker Tools
P.O. Box 70666
Marietta, GA 30007

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