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Review of the Chaos Warthog S12 Brake
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Posted: August 01 2010 at 5:28pm | IP Logged Quote weaponeer

A few years ago I bought a Saiga 12 semi-auto russian shotgun. I bought it for use at the Outbreak- Omega shoots hosted by DPMS. Think of it as a fun 3 gun event (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun).

Before the event I quickly modified my S12 by dropping the original stock and just using an SVD stock (direct replacement), adding a new forearm, and I added a Breaching Attachment for door breaching.

Door breaching is a process used by military, police, or emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors, and it's the modern version of the battering ram.

Most shotgun ammunition can be used for breaching, though the risk of injury varies with type. Of the available shotgun ammunition, shotgun slugs pose the highest risk, as they will retain significant energy to cause lethal wounds well after they have penetrated the door. Buckshot is far safer, and birdshot even safer, as the multiple small projectiles disperse quickly after penetration, reducing the chances of causing a lethal wound. The safest option is a frangible round such as the Hatton round, which turns to dust upon penetrating the door, and disperses completely upon exit.

According to US urban warfare doctrine, the breaching operation is performed with the muzzle in contact with the door, or as close as possible, and angled downwards at a 45 degree angle. This process provides the best chance of hitting the desired point, while minimizing risk to occupants of the room being breached. Muzzle attachments are available on some specialized breaching shotguns to facilitate this operation, by holding the barrel securely in place while providing a slight standoff to allow powder gases to escape.

But, it's also good for keeping Evil Zombies at bay, getting your POINT across, or scaring the guy trying to break into you house at 2 am to the point of calling his undershorts a total loss.

The original one I had was a really cheap one with an aggressive saw tooth pattern at the muzzle. It just screwed right into the original threads and that was that.

But recently I acquired a new Breaching Brake called the Chaos Warthog Door Breacher Brake. aka The Warthog by Chaos!

The Warthog is made from 4140 Chromemoly, Heat treated steel with a nice Blackened appearance, and it has 5/8" attention getting spikes for nonlethal force, with Laser etched company name and the hard to find these days MADE IN USA. (If you have not guessed this part counts towards your 922r count if you wish to convert your S12).

The Brake is massive looking, but only Adds 2 1/8" to overall length of your shotgun, and it just screws right on to the factory muzzle threads.  The Warthog is NOT light duty and is able to tackle any CQB operation or Zombie Attack with ease.  It's 5 oz's of pure evil!

This is also one of the best priced units for the quality I have seen, and at the time of this writing it's 30% off

But don't forget, this is not just a muzzle attachment with Teeth, it's a Shotgun Muzzle Brake with Teeth, due to the side slots which allow the escaping gases to be directed up and out at a 60 degree angle. but keep in mind the brake works best with the full power loads.

I could not believe how well built mine was. It's anything but cheap, and as you can see its very thick and not some little sheet metal attachment.

I shoot my photos in Macro mode for very close detail so you can see for yourself just how well made this really is. Now I didn't try the Breaching function, and I could not locate any volunteers for me to stick to see how affective it would be against Zombies, but I'll tell you this thing looks intimidating to say the least, and I guess thats what I like best about it.

Zombies Beware...  Weaponeer has a new toy!

If you have an S12, and have been thinking about adding something to the muzzle, I highly recommend you look into the Warthog!  

Check it out at: http://www.chaosus.com

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